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Mars Picture

I wrote to Dr Richard McKim who is Mars Section Director for the BAA concerning the sharp black dot showing in Meridiani Sinus. Dr McKim said:

"...The centre part of Sinus Sabaeus is sometimes enhanced in intensity by the dark patch Portus Sigeus but you must really be referring to the dark patch which is very intense and small and which corresponds in position to the E. (left, or p.) fork of Meridiani Sinus. This fork is always darker than the following one, so that is correct, but I think that the contrast enhancement carried out, and, possibly the presence of a faint white cloud over Edom (which is more prominent towards evening on that part of Mars just now) has exaggerated the intensity of the patch. This is often so on Mars images where a very dark patch is next to a light cloud..."

Many thanks to him for this explanation.

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